Body Positivity: celebrate the skin you’re in

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Body Positivity: celebrate the skin you’re in

“Your body isn’t the problem, your body image is.” This powerful quote is from Dr. Lindsay Kite who runs a platform about body positivity: More than a body. When you’re overly conscious of your body, judging it over not achieving the unattainable beauty standards our culture upholds, you are proving yourself a huge disservice. Counting calories, overthinking the number on the scale, pushing yourself over at the gym. Telling yourself you can’t wear that or you can’t go to the beach. It’s draining you. If you read this, this your sign to stop hiding and start radiating.

Not an ornament

Your value isn’t defined by your body, its virtues, or its flaws. You are so much more than that. More than what meets the eye. You are a magnificent human being. And as Dr. Kite puts it: “Your body is an instrument, not an ornament.” True empowerment isn’t just loving your curves and embracing your stretch marks, it’s that you don’t allow to be objectified. Not by others or by yourself. True confidence isn’t showing off your bikini body, but never being harder on yourself than you are towards a friend. 

Goodbye shame

Who would you be if you weren’t judging your body or parts of it? Who would you be if you could do, wear, or go wherever you want to go, no matter how you looked like? How would you feel if you would lose the shame? You’d be all you already are, but you’d enjoy life so much more. You’d celebrate it, by experiencing it to the fullest. You’d enjoy the food you eat, you’d love how it feels to move your body, you’d love how you’re loved by you. 

So get rid of those clothes that don’t fit you, but still haunt you from the back of your closet. Get rid of your scale. Get rid of your negative self-talk. Go stand in front of the mirror and look yourself in the eye. Now smile as you would when greeting a loved one. See the little child you were and the person you’ve become. See how all you ever wanted was to be loved. Don’t reject yourself, don’t hurt yourself. Be the friend you need. 

Claim your power

You’re not arrogant or vain or full of yourself because you love who you are. To feel good in your own skin is not only an act of self-love, it’s an act of kindness. You might just cross a teenager in the street who is inspired by you, to see that it is allowed to love yourself for who you are. We can often feel angry and blame the fashion industry for programming us into thinking we must fix our bodies in impossible ways. But while this is slowly evolving, you can claim your own power by showing up as you. By leading by example to show the world that you can rise above beauty standards in whatever changing shape throughout history. 

You have always been enough exactly as you are. You are not broken, you don’t have to fix anything. You are beautiful, not defined by the skin you’re in, but by the unique person who breaths air into it. So take a full breath in and fill yourself up with loving kindness. Breath out and release all your limiting beliefs. You are deserving of all that love and please never let anyone make you feel less than that. Honor yourself, treat yourself, celebrate life.

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